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Opinion: Politics! That is the problem

I was just wondering, does Gov. Nuisance think very young lives are more expendable than older children’s lives? I ask this because he has never closed down day-care centers or preschools but he will not open up classrooms for older kids. If COVID-19 is so bad, wouldn’t it be just as bad for 3-year-olds as it is for, say, 10-year-olds? Wouldn’t privately owned gymnasiums be just as safe as government-run gyms? I have read that the government-run gyms are allowed open but not private gyms.


That is the problem.

I will bet everything will open up November 3rd, election day.

I am not concerned with catching this China disease in a restaurant that is meeting the protocols required. Hopefully, we will still have some restaurants when these godlike governors decide to let us go. More people die each year from the regular influenza we have every year than will die from COVID-19. I also understand only 6 percent of those we have been told died solely from this disease and 94 percent died with underlying causes.

Patients in hospitals or convalescent hospitals need to see their loved ones. These people cannot see anyone except their caretakers. They may believe nobody cares about them anymore.

— Frank Bradford,


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