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Opinion: Hey, Never Trumpers!

Many people say, “I’d vote for anyone but Trump … I can’t stand him!!” Or they spew forth the rhetoric, “I can’t believe that you are voting for Trump.” Or, “There is no difference between the candidates on the Republican or Democratic tickets.”

Well folks, please listen up! This is not a junior high or high school popularity or personality election that is set before us and our nation. We are not just voting for a person(s), we are ultimately voting for a party platform.

We are voting for the First Amendment. We are voting for the Second Amendment. We are voting for potential Supreme Court justices who hold a constitutional viewpoint. We are voting for the Electoral College, which the Democrats would like to abolish along with state’s rights in national elections. We are voting for liberty over failed Socialistic Marxism. We are voting for the police, and law and order, instead of against the police and lawlessness as seen throughout our Democrat controlled states and cities. We are voting for the military instead of its demise. We are voting for the veterans who fought for and died for this country. We are voting for our flag, which stands for our one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Yes, that flag which is so often missing from the Democratic party background. We are voting for border security, and the right to watch over our land instead of allowing others to uncontrollably pour into our nation. We are voting for the right to speak our opinion without being bludgeoned by the Leftist Democrats that say they are tolerant, but tolerant only to their opinions.

We are voting for the right to praise our God without fear, and to be able to assemble to worship as protected by the first amendment and as our God expects us to do so. We are voting for every unborn soul (life from conception) that the Democrats want to murder as they slaughter the most innocent of our population right up to the point of delivery. We are voting for good against evil, and against a philosophical belief of Marxism that states there is no such thing as a universal good or evil and thus are open to any action that will advance their historical process. We are voting for the belief that there is only one race, the human race, with different physical and cultural distinctiveness.

No! We are not just voting for one person or a group of people, but we are voting for the future of our country that is of the people, by the people and for the people, which is bathed in liberty. Any candidate at any government level that has a D behind it needs to be defeated lest the things that we are voting for be left in the scrap heap of history.

May God bless America!

— Randall Brannon,

U.S. citizen and Madera resident

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