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Opinion: Tire shop rescue

Late last week I managed to get a flat tire on my little red car. The make and model I have makes almost no provisions for this particular calamity. An icon on the instrument panel lights up to alert the driver to low tire pressure. However, there is no spare tire, no doughnut half tire and no aerosol repair solution to spray into the flat to seal a puncture wound. Turns out I had a rip in the rubber sidewall of the rear passenger tire. Attempts to air the tire just brought forth a column of hot air whooshing out of that split.

I was able to drive to my preferred tire shop but it was after hours and it had closed for the night. Luckily, two doors down is AT Auto Service, an independent garage and auto repair shop. The manager tried to help me by airing up the tire to no avail. He even offered to find a replacement tire for me despite the proximity of closing time.

I called Triple-A Road Service who took my car to the parking lot at Schoettler Tire at 624 No. Gateway Drive. By then it was almost 6 p.m. on Friday.

Lucky for me Schoettler operates a half-day on Saturday. We were there before they opened and their crew was already on-site working. They didn’t have my tire in stock but could order it and have it by Monday, they assured me. They even provided me the use of a loaner tire so I could have my car for the weekend. The whole process took less than an hour.

Early Monday morning Schoettler Tire called, they had my new tire. I asked if I could wait while they mounted it. They have a comfortable customer service lounge complete with a big-screen television, water cooler and popcorn machine. The whole process including paperwork took about a half-hour to complete.

The business, founded by Hal Schoettler in 1934, had his sons Tom and David Schoettler joined the business in the 1960s. Today its chain of tire shops is operated by two of Tom and Ila Schoettler’s sons, Terry and Kenny Schoettler.

I am a long-time customer and my parents were customers and friends of the Schoettlers.

My association with the family goes back about 60 years to when their eldest son Terry and I were toddlers. One of the first phrases I learned to say was “Play, Terry Scott Schoettler.” Sorry friend if that’s a bit embarrassing, but it is a true sandbox story. The rest of her life my mother enjoyed telling this story every time your name came up.

Deep thanx to the Schoettler family for supplying the Central Valley with its mechanical expertise and safe affordable tires for our cars, trucks and tractors and more.

There are only a little more than 50 days left until Autumn. What are the chances the COVID-19 Pandemic nonsense will be over by fall? My Nephrologist (kidney doctor) predicted that we will be wearing masks for another three years.

The Internet is a font of information regarding the effects of the pandemic, but how much of it is inaccurate or out-of-date? How does a layman decide which is which?

Keeping busy during the last few months has been hard for the people Sheltering in Place. There is only so much television, radio and listening to music a person can stand.

Boredom manifests itself in a variety of ways. It is imperative that when bored to find something productive to do. According to postings on FaceBook many houses are being deep cleaned, maybe for the first time. Match that with increased food and alcohol consummation and don’t be surprised if we experience a new baby boom a few months down the line. Ironic posts and memes forecast a growing collection of lonely, obese, alcoholics when this is over.

Be safe and have a blessed weekend.

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Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.

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