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Letter: No one should be wrestled for a fake $20 bill

It is clear that COVID-19 isolation has ended and energized healthy citizens are ready to get back to work. Even Trump called for a MAGA rally at the White House last weekend.

The tragedy of citizen George Floyd shows the police were stressed and power crazy, and they needed to be off the force long before this event.

When Floyd said he could not breathe, the four officers sitting on him had a duty to assess his heart. There are many tiny devices that do that within 2 seconds.

Floyd was handcuffed and his feet were tied, so there was no real risk, and I’m told he was not violent. In addition, I’m told they were doing all of this because of a fake $20 bill.

Everyone knows counterfeiters are active against American money and we have all been given fake money at times without our knowledge.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many are without jobs and the Republicans have blocked stimulus money. Suffering citizens cannot afford to have their money confiscated when they are innocently caught up in a scam. The police actions were excessive.

Nobody should be wrestled to the ground for a fake $20.

The Floyd incident is just part of a much bigger problem. How many minorities are in Madera law enforcement and courts as leaders? How often are minorities harassed by police in the Valley?

— Dr. Loraine Goodwin,

Law Enforcement and Judicial Review Board,


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