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Opinion: Cabin fever yet another contagion

Another week of the Shelter-in-Place order and many people are suffering from cabin fever. Since it is primarily a mental condition I have always wondered if it was really a malady or just a power of suggestion situation. Like when one person yawns and it becomes contagious, with many in the room suddenly having the need to yawn as well. I assumed cabin fever reacted the same way. One person bemoans having cabin-fever and those in their shared space get it.

People that claim they have it communicate its claustrophobic nature and others realize they are suffering from cabin fever, too.

Can computers get COVID-19? Something sure fried the motherboard in mine. Absent reports of a power surge I fully intend to credit (blame) COVID-19 with its misfortune. There goes my stimulus check, gone before it is delivered.

Checking in at a big-box, membership store revealed all the cheap notebook and laptop computers were out-of-stock. The few they had in stock were pricey. They have no desk-top systems at all. The Mac Books were a bit more plentiful but cost twice or three times the amount of the Microsoft PCs. When the warehouse store will get another delivery of computers is anyone’s guess said the associate.

It would appear I am about six-weeks late to the big, “Get a New Computer,” ball. An associate at the store said the run on computers began with the appearance of COVID-19.

The SIP order is now some 45 days old. Our president has reported it might end by May 1 or 15, hopefully. If the directive is lifted too soon and there is a pandemic resurgence there will be finger pointing from both political parties. Not a good idea during an election year.

While former Vice President Joe Biden is being called the presumptive Democratic candidate for 2020, I don’t see him winning the nomination. The Dems need several criteria to be met by its POTUS candidate.

Obviously, they need someone they think can win against President Trump. Their candidate needs to be mentally sharp and quick on the uptake. Someone who has less baggage than the former veep. Biden’s history with women now reporting that his creepy lack of social distancing makes them uncomfortable.

I know this is going to upset my Democrat friends. They will begin by chastising the president for his vulgar, locker room statements about picking up women. The 2005 video leaked by Billy Bush of Access Hollywood is what most anti-Trump people fixate on.

My answer is always that it isn’t like he spoke this way yesterday or to Queen Elizabeth. It was just a boisterous conversation between a supposedly friendly journalist and a man who should have known better. If Bush were any kind tabloid journalist, he will take whatever you tell him, and it will come back and bite you hard enough to draw blood. Even if you say off-the-record there is no way to know if he has his fingers crossed behind his back.

Had the president owned a crystal ball and knew he would one day run for president he might have been more discreet.

I saw a clip of the president from October 2015 when he appeared on the David Letterman show. He was hyping the publication of his book “The Art of the Deal.”

Letterman asked Trump if he ever saw himself running for POTUS? The Donald stated if things in the USA ever got bad enough, he might have to run to save the country.

While this question didn’t make Letterman Nostradamus, it does seem his banter was somehow prophetic. I think the comedic host tried to play “Bait the Billionaire,” and got surprised by how it ended.

The Speaker of the House, good ol’ Nancy Pat, is in hot water with her party colleagues. While standing in front of $24,000 of Subzerowolf brand refrigerators she told comedian talk-show James Cordon how she deals with anxiety. Then she displays a large basket of gourmet chocolates followed by a freezer full of $12 a pint jeni’s designer ice cream from Columbus, Ohio. California ice cream must not be tasty enough to quell her anxiety attacks. The Speaker said she doesn’t know how she would cope if not for ice cream.

Meanwhile the out-of-touch San Francisco airhead lives in a 3,332-square-foot mansion featuring four bedrooms and three-bathrooms. The two-story brick palace also sports a 420-square-foot basement.

The home comes complete with homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk outside her palatial home. This is one of nine properties registered to the Paul Pelosi Family Trust. Must be nice to be a humble public servant.

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Long days and pleasant nights, have a great weekend.

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Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.

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