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Letter: Two-deck system really does need to be stopped

Mr. Hoffrage,

You did a great job on both of your articles last Saturday! Keep up the good works! Love the breakdown of money in the last bill! This needs to stop! The bill was supposed to be for the small businesses and the unemployed, but you show what the bill actually contained; a sad day for America!

We can only pray that these people will be thrown out of office and that the ones who are for the two things president Trump really wanted will be the only ones who actually receive money. Yes!

Also agree, the Indians need to decide; or do they want to be “Independent” and do their own thing?

The “Two Deck” system really does need to stop! Say what you mean, and mean what you say, is my logic!!!

Love your articles!! Keep them coming!!!

— Cecelia,

A fan of Bill Hoffrage

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