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Letter: Prize fight at Tachi?

I hear Tachi Palace Casino is putting on a prize fight during the Chinese Plague.

Tony Capozi (An Attorney) says they are a sovereign nation and do not have to comply to our Nations Laws. He says it is not a good idea, but they can do it.

My thoughts on this sovereign nation thing has always been, if they are a separate nation, how come they don’t have their own money?

We should have to gamble with sea shells or pretty rocks when up there. If they use our cash, they are part of us. Guam is a U.S. territory protected by our military (as they are), and uses USD and follow our laws. So should the Indians. They do vote, don’t they?

They are counted in our census. They get AID. Guess it's the guilt thing. I am fine with that. We did screw them, but they play with two decks.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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