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Opinion: Worries on virus, and Facebook

This comment on the Corona Virus, from Harrison Dedmon, puts the Corona virus scare (world wide) in perspective:

“One of the worst days so far for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was the 10th of February. On that day, 108 people in China died of the coronavirus. BUT, on that same day about 1,500 people died of Cancer, about 2,200 people died of Heart Disease, 228 people died of complications of diabetes, and on that day, suicide, unfortunately, took more lives than the virus did by 28 times. Moreover, mosquitoes kill 2,740 people every day. Humans murder 47 of their fellow humans every day, or about 2 people every hour, and snakes kill 137 people every day. Now take a deep breath, and go wash your hands!”

• • •

The coronavirus is a derivative of the SARS virus, which got its start a few years ago in Wuhan, China. According to Wikipedia (at the time of this writing), about 90,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide, of which 8,000 were classified as serious. More than 45,000 sufferers have recovered, but about 2,900 have died.

• • •

If you play with Facebook, you could be turning the rights to your own life over to that website. Facebook’s operators are attempting to run your life by determining what information about you they will sell, and which they will keep secret. What you will find is that Facebook knows just about everything about you if you have ever used that service. The same goes for and Google. If you use any of those services, you will find you have very little private life left. They will know almost everything about you.

You may have noticed that President Trump uses Twitter for almost all his electronic communication. You don’t see him using Facebook, or Google. Think about that.

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