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Opinion: Did you watch the Dumpster fire?

Wednesday night’s televised Democrat debate was referred to the next day by some publications as a “dumpster fire.” Some in the media saw it as a brawl, and others couldn’t believe that the six on the debate stage actually expected anybody to vote for them.

Most curious of all, perhaps, was how poorly prepared for debate former New York Mayor Bloomberg was.

The New York Post, which referred to him as “Bloomy,” said the former mayor behaved like that most of the time he was in office — insulting women and people of other races — and that they weren’t surprised he seemed unprepared for the debate.

• • •

Africa is being hit by swarms of locusts — 80 million locusts and more to the swarm, and according to experts the big ones (as big as a hand) are capable of destroying African crops to a point where most Africans in the countries hit by the locusts probably will face starvation.

Plagues of locusts still exist.

Those people probably will need our help.

• • •

Getting back to the election, please beware of a mailer you already may have received. It is called Cops Voter Guide, but has nothing to do with cops or anything else. In fact, in the small print, it says “This organization does not represent any public safety personnel.”

It’s nothing more than a push for a new Proposition 13, which is a huge school bond issue.

The original Prop. 13 is the monicker of California’s famous anti-tax initiative. This new Prop. 13 is almost a total lie, claiming to be public safety recommendations, when it has nothing to do with public safety, and everything to do with picking the pockets of taxpayers under false pretenses.

It also is a come-on for Esmeralda Soria, who is running against Jim Costa in the District 4 congressional primary. Except it doesn’t say that. She is a shadow candidate. Oh, by the way, she’s a Democrat, but this piece of literature fails to say that. Costa is a Democrat, but not afraid to say it on his election literature. This woman is not anybody you want representing you.

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