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Letter: Evil is outpacing good in world

I am a Conservative Republican. I am not a “Hawk.” I do not wish harm on any good person.

I do understand that there is good and there is evil in this world. Evil is growing faster than good. We need to control it.

I delivered a son to the 1st Iraq War. Took him to the airport and sent him off. He was waving an American Flag. He had been discharged, but recalled — 82nd Airborne, trained and ready. Luckily he didn’t leave our soil. The quickness of our military ended that conflict before he boarded the next flight he was scheduled to be on.

I don’t want anyone to have to deliver a loved one like I had to. Hardest thing I ever did. If we can take these no-goods out one at a time with drones, that’s fine with me. Let’s keep doing it.

Our President can give the lame left Congress a reminder list of his targets, so it won’t be a surprise, and if they “leak” it, so what! Now “they” know they are on that list. Every time a shadow goes over their head, they will duck.

That Iatollayou guy needs to be number one on that list.

Eliminating Iran is 50 years overdue. Hopefully they will do it themselves from within. I think with Trump, this is possible. Thank God for our Country and Trump.

“Comedian” George Lopez, I hope you never come back to this Valley.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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