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Registrar issues reminder for voters

Rebecca Martinez, Madera County clerk-recorder and registrar of voters, has announced that the upcoming election to be held on March 3, 2020, is a Presidential Primary. It is a party election, and it’s very important to know how one is registered because that is what determines the type of ballot you will receive.

Voting for president depends on the party with which one is registered.

If one is registered with a political party, that person may only vote for a candidate running for president in the same party.

If that person is registered as No Party Preference (Non-Partisan) he or she may choose to vote in the presidential primary for any of the following parties:

• American Independent

• Democratic

• Libertarian

A notice has already been sent to you where you can choose one of the parties above. If you need another, please call. If you don’t want to vote a party ballot, no action is needed.

If you are registered with No Party Preference and want to vote in the Presidential Primary for one of the following political parties:

• Green

• Peace & Freedom

• Republican

One must re-register to vote with that party by Feb. 18, 2020.

To check your registration status and political party, go to

You can register online at

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