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Opinion: Take your holiday spirit wherever you go

Santa Claus is coming to town … December is half over and in just 10 days, it will be Christmas Eve. Shamelessly stealing from Charles Dickens but, our hearts may be stony and cold, filled with Bah Humbug or warm and open with God Bless us, everyone. Be Tiny Tim this holiday season. Even Ebenezer Scrooge learned the joy that hope brings. Take time to breathe and enjoy yourself. If you go down who will tend to those important details.

Don’t feel put-upon by the realization that other people celebrate differently than you. My policy is Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate. That takes care of my Christian principles accepting my friends’ beliefs in Chanukah, Kwanza and all the holy days that are their source of joy. Let’s take our holiday spirit with us to every gathering we attend.

At holiday get-togethers don’t get pulled into any silly political discussions. No good can come from it.

Talk instead about the time you built that great snow fort and the fun of playing in the snow. Tell stories about that time in the 1960‘s when it snowed in Madera. Have your kids heard that one yet?

Be the type of houseguest it is a pleasure to host, even if you just stay home and your family comes to you. Pardon the platitude but greet each day with a heart full of joy and a pocket full of smiles. Christmas comes but once a year and nobody knows if this will be your loved one’s last. Honor the memory of Christmases of the past and the people not here this year.

Have fun play board games or cards with the family, have fun sharing your best self with them. Love each other and, like fuzzy warm pajamas, let the good vibrations of the season fill your heart with Joy!

Fond memories and traditions are something those you love can take with them wherever they go. Make them good ones. Share family recipes with those around your table. Learn the secret of Aunt Bonnie’s carrot cake, Aunt Clara’s chocolate pie and Cousin Oletha’s butterscotch haystacks.

At Christmas dinner, rejoice in sitting at the kids’ table, again. It means some of your elders are still with you for the holidays. Celebrate your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And those members of your family that walk by your side or carry you when necessary, be they the same bloodline or not.

Make sure they know you love having them in your life. When breaking bread be thankful to the God of your understanding that you have another Christmas to enjoy. Share laughter and maybe a few happy tears. Don’t let anger or recriminations enter your homes this Christmas. God willing there will be time for all that nonsense later. Better yet, let it go. Anger corrodes the vessel carrying it. Don’t be that vessel.

While I hate to be a buzz-kill, be careful driving in the winter weather. Even if you are stone-cold sober, the idiot in the next car may not be. Simple distracted driving is dangerous too.

Don’t become a holiday statistic. You will want to hang around because next year is going to be a blast. For once, even those who need glasses will see 2020.

Hold on tight to your babies as your time with them is fleeting, and so is their time with you. Sisters, eat the dessert, use the good China and wear the pretty dress. The holidays aren’t the time to scrimp. Be someone’s secret Santa while you get the spirit of giving in return.

If you have a few dollars, donate to the Friends of the Animal Shelter. Blankets, dog and cat food, kitty litter and monetary donations for medications are always appreciated.

The countdown to Christmas is running so be on Santa’s nice list. If I can behave myself anybody can!

• • •

Long days and pleasant nights, have a good weekend.

• • •

Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @tamijo on Twitter.

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