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Letter: Dems just trying to influence voters

Watching today, 12-04-19, it is clear to me that the Democrats are not really interested in conviction, but to influence voters for the next election.

They have presented law professors to make Constitutional Law Statements, and concluding them with personal opinions of pure guilt.

This, without rebuttal, plants the seed of guilt in the minds of the public. Odd to me, is the fact, that the Democrats have tried many avenues to find a way to impeach the President. This is the third year that they have tried, and failed. However, this year on July 19 an event happened that led to today’s circus.

Did the Democrats design this event of the 19th? I believe so. The votes today on different evidence results in a predicable 24-17 vote. How is that, if the court isn’t stacked?

If I didn’t know better, I would think Trump was guilty, too, but I know better.

Think before you vote.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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