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Letter: What do you do with late fees?

Here is a question for the billing department of the City of Madera:

When I write a check that goes from my bank electronically to your department, I was told it takes three days to receive payment.

You don’t get a three-day grace period. However, PG&E and the City of Chowchilla give three-day grace periods. So, if it’s one day late for City of Madera residents get a $16 penalty.

I have artificial grass in front and back yard and all plants are on drip. My bill runs $178 and up. For one person this seems high. Or do you just look at the size of the lot same price for all lots that size?

Maybe I take too many showers or maybe my address is in a higher-taxed area. My question for you: “What are you doing with all of the $16 late fees that your department is collecting?”

Fresno was charging a penalty, but they had to return all of the money back to the consumers.

— Christine Hayes,


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