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Madera South Theater presents ‘Feiffer’s People’

For The Madera Tribune

Mariana Hernandez, left, and Shariah James rehearse a scene from Madera South’s presentation of “Feiffer’s People,” which opens Thursday night.


The comedy “Feiffer’s People” will open Thursday at Madera South High School Theatre.

Director Ginger Latimer and the company of players will introduce the audience to immersive theatre, in which they can become part of the play.

Using Jules Feiffer’s script, “Feiffer’s People,” a collection of short scenes and monologues filled with interesting characters and topics, the concept of placing all the character interaction in one place was developed.

That place, Saint Christina’s Health and Well-Being Center pairs with the conflicts and struggles of the characters within the play.

At Saint Christina’s there are many patients dealing with personal struggles, rehabilitation, and mental illness — and don’t forget the employees. These are all crazy people, living in a crazy world — and the audience will be right there inside the performance. They will meet

bickering couples, experience crazy chance meetings, running into awkward egos and turns of events. Black humor mixes well with Feiffer’s take on life.

So, instead of passively watching from the outside, audiences will be able to sit in the play as it happens all around them, taking part in the experience, and hopefully questioning the sanity of our times and world.

There will be seven performances that run Nov. 7-9, and Nov. 13-16, starting at 7 p.m. each night. Tickets are $10 for general admission and $5 for students and senior citizens.

For more information, call 675-4450, ext. 1021.

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