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Letter: Another reason for recalling the governor

Gov. A.E. Newman has chopped funding for highway projects. He is shifting the gas tax to HSR under the disguise of fighting global warming. Time to recall this bloomin’ idiot. Petitions are out there folks. We signed up. Have you?

With 99 squeezed down, new development may have to be re-thunk. Madera wants to develop housing to the west. Lots of it. Our Planning Department is mentally challenged now. How are they going accommodate an additional 10,000 cars on the roads we have? Access to 99 is a mess, period, let alone with all the new cars. Loves Truck Stop is going to cripple 99 and 17. Now we have a new High School going to open on 26/Club Drive.

Our new overpass feeds bottle necks on both sides. How many millions did that take from Measures ‘A’ and ‘T’ ? People have been using Airport Drive to bypass Cleveland for many years. Getting more popular now. Placing pressure on Granada and Schnoor. Need another path across the Fresno River. Perhaps at 24. Truck traffic on 23 is non-stop.

Cherokee about every 20 min. 23 needs to be 4 to 6 lanes. 17 needs to be 4 lane, but with an additional extension on runway 30/12 to 7000 feet, how ya going to do that? Cleveland needs to be 4 or 6 lanes. The new high school should have been west of Madera. Divide Madera at 99. East Madera and West Madera and never the two should meet.

Biola needs a River Park, so we can go to Fresno on 145. Never was good at tying knots, but get a good demonstration of some when driving in Madera. Everything tied up.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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