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Letter: The music didn’t die

The Madera Tribune published an article in their April 13, 2019, edition of the paper titled “Old Timers Day Parade at risk of becoming history.” The article explained that the former parade organizing service club, the Madera Kiwanis Club, dissolved during late 2018 and thus far no organization had stepped forward operate the parade. The parade had been held every year since 1931 but time was quickly running out for an organization to take ownership of the parade and maintain operations.

I’m happy to report that based on accounts of what occurred between 10 a.m. and noon on Yosemite Avenue in Madera on Saturday, the death of the parade was greatly exaggerated! The 88th Old Timers Day Parade was held and was an overwhelming success, combined with a robust showing of activity in Courthouse Park after the parade that has not been seen in years. In essence, several local organizations took the reins of responsibility to ensure that our great parade and celebration traditions would not only survive but thrive!

There were literally hundreds of people to thank for their tireless time and efforts, but I will highlight some of those who deserve special thanks for their contributions: Nick Salinas with the County of Madera, the Sunrise Rotary Club (the service club that has taken on responsibility for the parade), the Madera Young Professionals (responsible for post parade activities in the park), Madera Lions Club, Interact Club, Madera Downtown Association, Madera Chamber of Commerce, Madera Police Department, Police Explorers, Madera Historical Society, Madera 4H, parade participants, park booth participants, and our sponsors Agriland, Camarena Health, Sal’s restaruant, Seabury & Copland, Don & Kathy Warnock, Madera Community College, Purl’s, Mid Valley Disposal, Jay Chapel, and Hinds Hospice.

The success of the Madera Oldtimers Parade was based on the commitment, sense of duty, and love of community clearly expressed by the aforementioned individuals and organizations represented by their members. May God continue to bless Madera with citizens like these.

— Rob Poythress,

Madera County Supervisor

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