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Letter: Let’s go to church

I agree with some of Charles Weiland’s thoughts from last week, but have some disagreements, too. Church attendance is down, for sure. Ours has fewer every year. Few young people coming. Why is this?

Most young people are driven by entertainment. There are too many self-satisfaction things available. Ball games, golf, parties, the Internet and so on.

Churches that seem to do better are entertainment-based.

I am old school.

The Golden Rule is a good base for a church. Some don’t do that. Some require a lot of instruction in order to receive, what should I say, all the benefits. Aside from “doing unto others,” there is a belief that there is an afterlife. This was proven with the ascension.

Jesus rose viably, after death. Why? Because most of us are from Missouri, and have to be shown in order to believe. Nature is a fine example of creation, not evolution. Much too complicated to just happen. Take time to look at the insects. The meek. THEY WILL inherent the earth. The Ten Commandments (as written) KJV.

The Constitution, with our Bill of Rights (as written) should be all we need. However, we want to do other things, and seek to change things.

Our court system allows this through arbitration and compromise, using a gray area to justify. Asking a non-believer to swear “Under God” to tell the truth. What do they care? Doesn’t mean anything to them. Ask.

“Do you swear on your mother’s name?” may bring a different answer. Look at that Ford woman. Had an agenda. Lied through her teeth, let alone to God. Said she “feared for her life.” However, he had now scratches or bruises. Lied, with no repercussions. Hillary and Bill. Herbert Walker. “No new taxes” George W. Obama. They all lie.

The biggest lie was Vietnam. McNamara and Johnson (Democrats) should have been shot. I am a registered Republican, but with an open primary, may go independent.

Look at Madera. Lots of deception and graft right here. With the liberal courts allowing law to be rendered in the gray” area, we have arrived at the age of destruction.

Drugs and birth control abortion are the worst.

We have rules in the Commandants and the Constitution. Let’s throw out the laws, and lawyers, and go with the rules. We have no rulers.

We attend the Methodist Church. All can receive the sacrament. No questions asked. Young or old. We gather as believers. May be left or right. Find unity in fellowship. Flying, farming, crafts, gardening.

Usually, the more one has, the more they give. (Which is the best way, not taking and redistributing). But that is up to them. We don’t keep score.

“John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Asking you to think of things.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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