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Indian women hold event to celebrate their culture

For The Madera Tribune

Indian women dress in traditional attire during a Teeyan Teej Dyan event and participate in singing and dancing.


The Teeyan Teej Dyan event was hosted by local Indian women from Madera on August 11 at 4 to 8 p.m. at Town and Country Park.

All the women from the Valley were invited and the event is growing bigger every year, said Tajinder Chahal the event coordinator.

Every day we leave our homes to go to work or to do whatever, and we are always stressed out.

It is amazing that we have one day a year where I get to dress up and just leave home to have fun. I personally got to know so many Indian women by attending this event.

Food was amazing, there were stalls set up by local valley stores to display clothing, shoes and jewelry. So it is nice to have a chance to explore our culture.

Music was hosted by D.J. Mahli from Fresno. Heena (Mehndi) was done by Hardeep Sahota from Clovis. Free professional photos were taken by Kamal Pabla.

Women came from all over the Valley dressed up in different colors, they sang songs, danced and most of all told jokes, tons of laughter.

Time flies when you have fun. This event was total fun. I am so happy that at least a few hours a year every women can enjoy life and looks forward to the following year.

“Another very successful year, and already looking forward to next year,” said Tajinder Chahal, president of the event. “I also want to say thank you to all those who attended the day, and the City of Madera.”


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