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Letter: Funding only profitable for providers

Grants are going out to almost every city to create housing for the homeless, combined with low income.

These are two separate issues and perhaps should not be combined. The homeless have a high incidence of drug and mental issues. Low incomes are just that.

Why subject low income working people with drug users? Unless you want more drug users.

The grant program does not seem to be very efficient, with unit cost above $130,000. Burbank has 119 units estimated at $335,000 each.

Homeless people have nothing, so are we going to furnish these units too?

Historically, furnished units are stripped and sold for drugs within a year.

I still think a confined re-hab facility is a better way to go. Grant money may appear to be free, but we (tax payers) are still paying for it.

This will be another failed program, but profitable for the providers.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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