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Coyote coaches to host pitching camp

Madera Coyotes baseball coach Andy Underwood and his staff are hosting a pitchers and catchers skills camp on July 1 and 2 at Mel Parker Field.

The two-day sessions are from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. for players ages 8 to the eighth grade. The cost for the camp is $50.

Underwood, a former pitcher in the San Diego Padres organization and assistant coach Gary Moran, a pitcher in the Atlanta Braves organization, will coach the pitchers.

Meanwhile, former Madera Coyotes catcher Jackson Leach, who will play for Mount Mary College next year, will coach the catchers.

Pitchers will learn about stretching, arm care, long toss, drills, bullpen work and game management. Catchers will learn about receiving, blocking, throwing runners out, handling throws from the outfield, position and themental side of catching.

Pitchers are requested to bring their glove and cleats and catches are encouraged to bring any catcher’s gear they may have.

Underwood also plans to hold a hitting camp in the next month or two as well as an infield and outfield camp. He may also hold another pitching camp if there is interest.

The camp will max out at 20 pitchers and 10 catchers. To sign up, contact Underwood at


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