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All-Madera Tribune Softball Team

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera’s Tayah Hernandez batted .457 during the County/Metro Athletic Conference season, setting batting average records. Perez was named the County/Metro Athletic Conference Player of the year, just the second season a Madera player was chosen. Hernandez is one of The Madera Tribune’s Co-Most Valuable Players.


Co-Most Valuable Player

Tayah Hernandez, Sr. OF Madera

Stats: .441 BA, 32 R, 41 H, 7 2B, 3 3B, 12 SB.

All-League: First team County/Metro Athletic Conference

Hernandez had, probably, the best two-year stretch any player has had at Madera. She set the school’s single-season batting average record, hitting .513 last year. This year, she hit led the team in batting and also set the school’s career batting average mark at .474, besting the previous mark set by Taylor Brooks last year by 40 points. Hernandez began the season in the No. 3 spot in the order, but the offense took off when she was elevated to the lead-off spot. She batted .457 in league and led the team with 16 runs. Hernandez was also one of the best right fielders in the game, making many highlight-reel catches. She was named the Madera Trbune’s Most Valuable Player last season.

Co-Most Valuable Player

Sofia Perez, Jr. IF Madera

Stats: .361 BA, 30 H, 7 2B, 3 HR, 21 RBI.

All-League: CMAC Player of the Year

Perez continues the family tradition of excellence. Her sister, Brianna Perez, was a CMAC Player of the Year, along with her cousin Vanessa Solis. After coming out from basketball season, Perez, a three-sport varsity athlete, took a while to get her softball legs back. However, once she got going, she was hard to stop, hence her CMAC Player of the Year honor. Perez tied with Hernandez for the team lead with a .457 batting average and 16 hits in league. She hit three home runs and led the team with 15 RBIs while scoring nine runs. She struck out just once in 39 league plate appearances. She is a two-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Offensive Player of the Year

Savaanah Garcia, Sr. SS Madera South

Stats: .527 BA, 24 R, 48 H, 17 RBI, 9 2B, 2 3B, 2 HR, 21 SB.

All-League: CMAC 1st Team

Garcia set the standard for all future Stallions. She graduates as the career record holder in batting average (.464), on base percentage (.533), hits (170), runs (105) and stolen bases (59). She has been the team leader for the past four years and a fixture running between second base and third base for four years. She set the single season school records in batting average, on base percentage, hits and stolen bases. She was the one player on the Madera South team that you had to be aware of or she will beat you. She is a four-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Pitcher of the Year

Sarah Shevenell, Jr. P Liberty

Stats: 22-6, 1.07 ERA, 13 CG, 5 Sho, 207 K, 151 IP.

All-League: North Sequoia League Co-Pitcher of the Year; All-NSL 2nd team.

Shevenell stopped growing and began to get used to her build and dominate batters. She follows in her sister’s big footsteps and made her own. She set school records for wins in a season and strikeouts in a season, becoming the first Liberty pitcher to record more than 200 strikeouts in a season. Shevenell started to come to her own last season, but stepped up to become one of the best pitcher in the Central Section and become one of those pitchers you can count on to throw complete games. She is a two-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

The Team

Valerie Ornelas, Jr. C Madera

Stats: .346 BA, 28 H, 6 2B, 4 3B, 25 RBI.

All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

Ornelas started 27 of 29 games for the Coyotes. She became a dependable middle of the order bat and could go down as one of the bst run producers in Coyotes’ history. She could set the Coyotes’ career RBI mark and home run mark next season. She is also so well respected that teams do not steal on her. Six runners tried and Ornelas threw out five of them. She also picked off five runners. She is a three-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Camille Vestal, Jr. C Liberty

Stats: .404 BA, 23 R, 36 H, 4 2B, 2 HR, 27 RBI.

All-League: NSL 2nd team

Vestal became a dependable backstop for the Hawks and a solid bat in the middle of the order. She was second on the team in RBIs and provided adequate protect for Hannah Casner, who had a dominant offensive season. Vestal struck out just three times in 98 at-bats, mostly from the clean-up spot in the order.

Mealeah Galvan, Sr. IF Madera South

Stats: .368 BA, 25 H, 17 RBI.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

Galvan provided some power for the Stallions and some flexibility on the infield. She could play third or first, depending on who was pitching. After missing last season because of injury, Galvan responded by batting .368 in the middle of the Stallions’ order. She tied with Garcia for the team lead in RBIs. She earned an All-Madera Tribune selection her freshman season and now one for her senior season.

Viviana Porras, Sr. Uti Madera South

Stats: .311, 23 H, 11 R.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

Once she became a slap-hitter, she was tough to stop. She came on for her senior season and batted behind Garcia in the No. 2 spot in the line-up. She offered another bit of flexibility for head coach Peter Gallegos by playing on the infield and in the outfield. She is a first-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Hannah Casner-Santoro, Soph. IF Liberty

Stats: .410 BA, 26 R, 34 H, 31 RBI, 7 HR, 16 SB

All-League: NSL 2nd team

The last batter to have the power season Casner-Santoro had was Renee Ortega in 2014. Casner-Santoro hit seven home runs, which is fifth-most in school history. She also had 31 RBI, good for ninth on the school list. Just a sophomore, she has good numbers to build upon. She tied for second on the team with 26 runs scored, tied for fourth with 31 hits and was second with 11 extra base hits while recording a .710 slugging percentage.

Erika Perez, Fr. IF Madera

Stats: .415 BA, 31 R, 39 H, 3 3B, 4 HR, 26 RBI

All-League: CMAC 2nd team

Perez anchors a dominant freshman class that had three players earn first or second team CMAC honors. She led the team with a .702 slugging percentage while batting behind Hernandez. She was second on the team in batting average, runs scored and hits. She led the team with nine doubles and four home runs while tying for the team lead in RBIs.

Jaclyn Smith, Soph. SS Liberty

Stats: .269 BA, 21 H, 19 R.

All-League: NSL 1st Team

Smith earned first team All-NSL honors because of her work on defense. She anchored the Liberty defense at shortstop while pfoviding a steady bat near the bottom of the Hawks’ order. She still batted .269 to go with 21 hits and 19 runs scored. Smith is a first-time All-Tribune selection.

Erika Valdez, Sr. IF-P Madera South

Stats: .278 BA, 20 H, 3 2B, 6-4, 4.49 ERA, 44 K, 62 1/3 IP.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

The transfer from Liberty had a solid senior season doing what Gallegos asked of her, whether it was pitching, playing third or anywhere else was desired. She was a player the team relied on at the bottom of the middle of the order. After playing well as a freshman at Liberty, she had a good career at Madera South. She is a three-time All-Tribune selection.

Lauren Chapman, Fr. IF Liberty

Stats: .432 BA, 41 H, 18 R, 8 2B, 3 3B, 9 SB.

All-League: NSL 2nd team

Chapman is part of the great youth of the Liberty program. She probably had one of the best freshman seasons at Liberty, ending up with a .432 batting average, good for second on the team. She also was second on the team with 41 hits, third with 23 RBIs and led the team with eight doubles and 12 extra base hits. This is her first of many All-Madera Tribune selections.

Paige Chapman, Fr. OF Liberty

Stats: .343 BA, 26 R, 34 H, 4 2B, 4 3B, 18 SB

All-League: NSL Honorable Mention

With her sister, the Chapmans gave the Hawks great production as freshmen. She led the team with four triples, but was second on the team in runs scored and was fourth in hits. The Chapmans, along with Canser-Santoro and Smith give the Hawks enough youth to be a power for years to come.

Mariah McMillon, Sr. OF Madera

Stats: .267 BA, 30 H, 8 SB.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

McMillon provided stability for the Coyotes in left field. She anchored the bottom of the order and was a fixture all season long, starting 28 of 29 games in left field. She also batted .414 in CMAC with 10 singles and 12 hits. She struck out just three times in the CMAC and stole six bases.

Joslynn Davis, Jr. OF Madera

Stats: .361 BA, 30 H, 23 R, 10 RBI.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

Davis proved to be a solid fixture in the Coyotes lineup. Usually batting after Ornelas, Davis was adept at starting new rallies. She was tied for third on the team in runs scored and had nine bunt hits. She was also dangerous in the outfield. Teams stopped running on her at the end of the season. She recorded three outfield assists. Davis is a two-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Aleecia Rosel, Sr. OF Madera South

Stats: .280 BA, 21 H, 15 R, 8 SB.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

If Rosel had been turned around to be a left-handed slap hitter when she was a freshman, she might be looking at a Div. I scholarship this season. However, because of her great athleticism, Rosel made the transition from a right-handed hitter to a left-handed slap hitter seamlessly. She was solid all year and never looked outmatched from the left side. She has also been a fixture in centerfield for the past four season. This is her first All-Tribune selection, although she was The Madera Tribune’s Most Valuable Player for girls volleyball and girls basketball this season.

Brianna Burgess, Sr. OF Liberty

Stats: .466 BA, 29 R, 48 H, 17 RBI, 11 SB.

All-League: NSL 1st Team

Burgess leaves Liberty as one of the best the school has seen. She finishes with a career .444 batting average, good for fifth in school history. She also finishes with 91 runs scored, 10th in school history. She has 144 career hits, which is second all-time just one in front of Macae Coleman, set in 2007. She had 48 hits this season, fifth most in school history. She also finishes her career with 41 stolen bases, good for fifth all-time. She is a four-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Elena Garcia, Soph. OF Madera South

Stats: .337 BA, 29 H, 13 runs, 5 2B, 2 3B.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

Garcia had a knack for getting hits. Every time this reporter was at a game, it seemed like Garcia was coming up clutch with a big hit for the Stallions. She batted .337 this season, third on the team. She also had 29 hits, second on the team to go with five doubles, second on the team.

Alexis Galvan, Fr. P Madera

Stats: 11-5, 2.43 ERA, 91 K, 115 1/3 IP.

All-League: CMAC 1st Team

Better known as “Noodles,” she started the season as a five-inning pitcher and closed the season as a complete-game pitcher. After going through some rough patches early in the year, Galvan came on strong at the end of the season. She recorded a 1.41 ERA in nine CMAC games, going 7-2. She struck out 54 batters in 49 2/3 innings and allowed just 10 earned runs. Early on, walks were an issue for Galvan, but she walked just nine during CMAC and held batters to a .208 batting average.

Taylor Valerio, Jr. IF-P Madera South

Stats: .325 BA, 14 R, 26 H, 4 2B, 4-7, 95 2/3 IP, 47 K.

All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

Valerio became the ace of the staff as the season wore on for the Stallions. She led the team with 95 innings pitched to go with 47 strikeouts. She also provided a strong bat in the middle of the Stallions’ line-up, hitting .325. She was third on the team with 26 hits and third with four doubles. She will be one of the leaders for the Stallions next season. This is her second All-Tribune selection.

Felicity Rocha, Sr. DP Madera

Stats: .282 BA, 11 H, 4 2B.

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

Rocha was the third pitcher for the Coyotes’ staff. However, an injury in the CMAC season gave Rocha an opportunity to swing the bat. She didn’t let her team down. In her final four games of the season, she hit a double. Rocha earned enough respect in the league that she earned Honorable Mention hitting in the No. 8 spot in the order. She finished the CMAC with a .455 batting average, right behind Hernandez and Perez. She was also tied for the team lead with four doubles and drove in nine runs.

Eliza DeAnda, Fr. DP-IF Madera

Stats: .312 BA, 39 H, 23 runs, 7 2B, 2 HR, 26 RBI.

All-League: CMAC 2nd Team

She is another member of the exceptional freshman class for head coach Judy Shaubach. She went between playing second and getting in the line-up as the designated player. She was third on the team in runs scored, tied for second with seven doubles and tied for the team lead with 26 RBIs. She also stole six bases and led the team by reaching base seven times by error. She also batted .412 in the CMAC and drove in 14 runs with a .605 slugging percentage.


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