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All-Madera Tribune Girls Soccer

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera’s Itzel Rodriguez was adept at distributing as well as scoring for the Coyotes.



Itzel Rodriguez

Sr. Midfielder Madera

Itzel Rodriguez had a sensational 2018-19 season. If her 21 goals and 11 assists didn’t tell the story, her play from a game-to-game basis would. Rodriguez powered the Madera Coyotes with her ability to create, finish in front of goal, but also bang them in from long range. Itzel was a sharpshooter from outside the box with plenty free-kick goals on the season. Rodriguez won’t play another match for Madera, but her legacy on the pitch will live on at Madera. She was an All-County/Metro Athletic Conference first team selection, but she should have gotten more consideration for the league’s Most Valuable Player award.


Brooke Wristen

Sr. For.-Def. Liberty

Brooke Wristen, the North Sequoia League MVP, showed the league just how lethal she was in front of goal. The senior striker scored 29 goals, while providing 18 assists. Wristen’s pace, vision and accurate touch in front of goal, gave Liberty a punch many teams wish they had. Wristen formed a productive partnership with Holly Strong, but Wristen’s ability to serve as a focal point for the Hawks allowed them to win 20 games, included an unbeaten run in the NSL. After a second team nod in her freshman year, Wristen went on to secure a first team every year since. She also had the ability to drop back in defense and did that a few times to protect a lead. She earned an All-Madera Tribune nod her freshman year for her defensive work. However, after her sister graduated, nothing held her back. She is a four-time All-Madera Tribune selection and a two-time Co-Most Valuable Player.

Offensive Player of the Year

Holly Strong

Sr. Mid. Liberty

The Liberty Hawks girls soccer team has produced numerous quality players over the years and Holly Strong is one. The senior midfielder proved to be a multi-faceted player. Whether in attack or in defense, whether playing a ball to a teammate or just taking the shot, few were more productive than Strong. After 27 goals and 27 assists, Strong proved to be an offensive star. Her selection on the All-Tribune list goes in hand with her Offensive Player of the Year award for the North Sequoia League. She also is a four-time All-Madera Tribune honoree and also teamed with Wristen to earn Co-Most Valuable Player honors last year.

Carly Tynan

Soph. GK Liberty

Tynan stepped up to take the reins in goal for the Hawks. She had to shoulder the load and pressure of a 110-match league winning streak. She used her height and experience to settle the defense. She got help from the players in front, but made the crucial saves when attackers break through the defense. She earned first team All-NSL honors and this is her second straight All-Madera Tribune award.

Mattie McCombs

Sr. Defender Liberty

Mattie McCombs was voted the Defensive Player of the Year for the NSL along with a first-team nod after her standout performance helped drive the Hawks to an undefeated record in the league. McCombs had a season to remember. Her anticipation, strength and intelligence made her the best defensive player during the year. A four-year varsity member, McCombs ends her career at Liberty with a stellar 2018-19 season. She is a two-time All-Madera Tribune honoree.

Morgan Durazo

Jr. Defender Liberty

The defender was voted onto the North Sequoia League first team. Durazo scored eight goals, but her pace and defending her ability earned a name on the All-Tribune list. Only a junior, Durazo can build off a successful year and add to her game. After an undefeated NSL campaign, Durazo can take pride in her accomplishments. This is Durazo’s second All-Tribune selection.

Catherine Hernandez

Sr. Defender Madera

The Coyotes defender was an honorable mention on the CMAC All-League team. Her defending at the back was highlighted as she was a part of a strong Madera unit. As a defender, intelligence and strength are key and Hernandez proved to have both.

Noemi Cabello

Sr. Midfielder Madera

Noemi Cabello isn’t much of a goal scorer, but she might be one of the most hardworking players on the pitch. Cabello was chosen on the first team of the 2019 CMAC All League list. Cabello’s ability to dictate tempo, play in defense and also come forward gave the Coyotes a dynamic player in an important position. This is her third straight All-Madera Tribune award.

Penelopi Leach

Jr. Forward Madera

The junior forward was one of the top providers for the Madera Coyotes. With an eye for her teammates and the skill and pace to cause problems for the opposing teams in the CMAC, Leach finished the season with four goals and 12 assists. Her contributions to the team went beyond the scoreboard. With her effort and willingness to work on the pitch, head coach Cameron Hill has a strong player returning. Leach earned an All-Madera Tribune award her freshman year.

Mariah Zapata

Soph. Midfield Madera

After a second team nod for the CMAC All-League team, Mariah Zapata capped off a strong sophomore campaign. As a midfielder, Zapata showed she has the temperament and the skills to make a good player in the heart of the Coyote’s lineup. With two years left, expect Zapata to build off her 2018-19 season.

Destiny Barajas

Soph. Midfield Madera

The Madera midfielder showed, despite her age, she could contribute to the team. She was strong on the ball, smart with her decisions and she gave Madera an option in the midfield. Despite being a sophomore, Barajas showed she could handle the rigors of varsity soccer with flying colors.

Sevin Moreno

Soph. Forward Liberty

The sophomore forward improved as the season progressed. Although an underclassman, Moreno scored 10 goals and provided nine assists. Moreno has the creativity of a midfielder, but also the craftiness of a forward and, for the Hawks, that combination proved successful. After a first team selection on the North Sequoia League team, Moreno’s stock continues to rise at Liberty.

Sara Garibay

Soph. Midfield Liberty

The sophomore midfielder scored seven goals and recorded 11 assists. Despite playing second-fiddle to Wristen, Garibay seized her chances and helped contribute to a string team. With two seasons left to develop, Garibay can find herself in more opportunities to play more minutes and to score more goals. Her talent is unquestioned. Garibay was also voted onto the NSL second team.

Sadie Vasquez

Sr. Midfield Liberty

For her efforts in the 2018-19 season, Sadie Vasquez earned a first team spot on the NSL team of the season. With 12 goals and two assists, Vasquez contributed to a league-winning team. Although Vasquez graduates after this season, her contributions to the team will always be there.

Savaanah Garcia

Sr. For. Madera South

The Stallions’ captain was a reference point for Madera South throughout the season. Despite the challenging season that Garcia and company faced throughout the season, the team gave it all they had and fought in every match. Garcia’s leadership and goal-scoring ability earned her a spot on the All-Tribune team in the 2018-19 season. She is also a three-time All-Madera Tribune selection for softball.

Emily Santos

Fr. Utility Madera South

The freshman played almost every position. Whether it was in defense, in midfield or up front in attack, Santos showed why not only she is captain, but why she should be a focal point for the team moving forward. Madera South came into the season with a plethora of youth talent, and now with experience under their belt, head coach Ramon Delgadillo can plan for the future of his team with pillars like Santos and others.


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