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Opinion: Who is this guy who wants to see the whole Mueller report?

Congressman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, was an absolute nobody until through the genius of seniority — that is, being elected time and time again from three different obscure districts — he achieved the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee.

Up until the time before he slithered into the judiciary committee chairmanship, he was known primarily for having had his stomach stapled and losing 150 pounds so people would stop calling him a Democrat fat cat.

Now Nadler is inserting himself into the Mueller investigation of President Trump, in hopes he will achieve a modicum of fame and fortune by getting a look at the full investigatory papers which Attorney General William Barr has said contain nothing that would implicate the president in an impeachable crime.

Nadler, being an expert in crime, apparently, will probably turn to the Democrats’ last hope for getting Trump run out of office, by using the New York lawyer’s longstanding method of proving a crime for which there is no evidence. That method is obfuscation, or the act of making a subject obscure, unclear or unintelligible when they respond to questions for which they have no answers, but only puff n fluff.

He also is a socialist, as well as a Democrat, and although some say he is a communist, there is no proof of that.

But do you really want to turn a secret document over to somebody who might be a commie? And add to that a commie with little or no history of having supported himself as an attorney of any note.

Now, notice that I just happened to mention that some have said Nadler is a communist, but I quickly added that there is a lack of proof of that assertion. Yet, the casual reader might overlook that lack of proof, and give him that commie tag on that oversized suit of his. Ah, more obfuscation.

Now take note: At this point, we have called Nadler a socialist, a communist, too fat, and a person with few legal skills, even though he apparently still is a lawyer.

And he is prone to lying like a rug, although that might not be true either, except that several fact-checkers have caught him in some real whoppers.

Nadler’s only claim to fame up to this point is that he was one of Bill Clinton’s staunchest supporters during Clinton’s impeachment hearings. And he claimed there was no evidence that Clinton had lied to Congress.

Now you can see that it doesn’t take much skill to attack someone who does very little in his job, and the fact is, that is personified by Nadler, who was a nobody until he saw his chance to try to be a somebody and obfuscate his way into the political limelight.

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