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Fashion trend confusion and peering into the future

The holidays have come and gone for another year. We are still mourning the loss of dear Mrs. Doud. Her struggle with Cystic Fibrosis is finally at an end. Like my mother, Annette donated her body for the research. My mother wanted to benefit a similar study project linking diabetes and bi-polar disorder.

Could I read the future, I would like to know what medical advancements mankind had made in the previous t100 years. Could all break-through cures be found in the scientific framework of DNA?

Also, will we get the flying cars the comic books and science-fiction novels promised? I would hope for a vehicle that would be more helicopter than airplane.

Fred and I rode in a helicopter in the mid-1970s at the Madera fair. The entire operation took about six minutes, including loading and unloading.

The view of Madera from a helicopter at night is spectacular. I have never been afraid of heights. A few times I have gone up in the cage for the bungee jumping at the fair. The ride operator made me strap on the harness as if I were going to jump.

The booth occupied the space behind the 20-30 Club stand. At the time Betty Crawford worked as director for the Farm Bureau. She began yelling “Tami Jo is going to bungie.”

When I looked over the side of the cage it seemed there were 100 people waiting for me to jump. The photos I took on high were nothing short of stunning.

• • •

Fashion trends confuse me. On Tuesday we were in Fresno at a favorite burger joint. I saw several young men sporting what is commonly called “the man-bun,” hairstyle. When women wear their hair in a chignon it is often a sleek and tidy up-do. For the most part, men just pull it back and put it in an elastic band in a messy pile. This one young man, in particular, had mountains of curly hair that would make any girl envious. He also wore shorts and a shirt made of what looked like T-shirt material. The best part was his shoes. He had on my favorite sandals, Birkenstocks, with socks. It was about 51 degrees.

While in high school in the early 1970s I thought long hair on men was a very attractive look. Now when I see men my age with long hair, they look like they are chasing a youth they can never catch. I really don’t understand the allure of the cue ball look either. Why would a man want to walk around looking like Superman’s arch nemesis villain Lex Luthor?

• • •

My husband Fred really enjoys watching the reality television show called “Storage Wars.” He also attends the auctions of several local mini-storage facilities. In his heart-of-hearts, he just knows someday when they raise up the rolling doors the locker will be filled with the iconic blue and orange boxes of Lionel trains.

One of the regular bidders on the TV show spent the first few seasons with the chrome dome look. When the show returned for the next season, he had a full-head of hair.

He may have had surgery to restore his hair but he appears to be in his 30s. I guess he may have chosen that bowling ball coiffure to complement his very attractive young wife. Other than his annoying personality he would be quite forgettable.

As reality shows go “Storage Wars” is one of the least annoying. Another show Fred enjoys is called “Baggage Wars,” where the airlines hold auctions for all the lost luggage they accumulate. Always put your identification inside a bag checked with the airlines.

These programs must edit out any reference to the firearms they must find. Guns are never found in the units. It makes me wonder how much of the program is scripted and how much is spontaneous. Film editing is an art form I can’t begin to understand.

Long days and pleasant nights, have a great weekend.

• • •

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