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An invitation to passersby to worship

Sunset Avenue serves Madera as something akin to a boulevard of churches. Not all of Madera’s houses of worship have a Sunset Avenue address but as a friend from Hanford remarked, “You sure have a lot of churches in Madera.” Little does he know how many other churches there are in town.

Two of the churches on Sunset, Harvest Community and First Christian, have billboards used for announcing service times and special events. These billboards also carry clever inspirational messages. For example one of the recent postings read “Join God on Facebook, seek his face, read his book.” Another is “Don’t let the ghost of the past cloud your future.”

A ghost reference in the days leading up to Halloween is a great attempt towards being a contemporary institution. Almost a subliminal message inviting people to church.

I don’t know who in each congregation is charged with monitoring these little public missives but they seem to change every week. I enjoy seeing them and am often tickled when a new message appears. It seems the people involved have a great personality and a sense of humor. They should keep up the good work. A side order of humor helps to make attending church less traumatic. It is a welcome mat of sorts from the congregation to the community and new parishioners.

By necessity, the messages are brief, allowing a person driving by to read it and not hinder the ability to drive. Check them out the next time you cruise Sunset.

• • •

This is the final weekend before the dreaded mid-term elections. Vote red, vote blue, liberals, conservatives, none of that matters to me. Ballot measures, judgeships, congressional and local races make for a long ballot that might be intimidating to some. Submitting a partially marked ballot, however, is better than not showing up at all.

I am enjoying the reduced amount of campaign junk in my mailbox and the noise pollution has thinned on the airwaves. Everyone who has already voted, I thank you for being part of the process. To those who haven’t voted yet, they better get on the stick, as time is running out. I know lots of you could win that award for the world’s greatest procrastinator if you didn’t quit putting it off that is.

• • •

Speaking of television advertising I have noticed how many ads for online shopping spots end with the sound of a doorbell, supposedly representing the delivery of ordered Internet goods. When the TV is providing background noise that sound usually makes me think someone is at the door. If I had a dog I’m sure the sound would make her bark.

The “brick and mortar only,” stores are being impacted hard by Internet shopping. Do you think 20 years from now all the stores will be gone and online ordering the only option? The first time I sat in on a computer class I decided a personal computer was merely an overpriced toy I didn’t need. How very wrong that assessment proved to be. Who knew the time was coming soon when every aspect of our lives could be programmed not only into a box on my desk but also into the telephone in my pocket.

Going through outdated items in a mini storage locker we rent I found two typewriters. The newer electric marvel has a half-dozen wheels with an assortment of interchangeable fonts. When I bought that baby it was considered high-tech. Now it is gathering dust all but forgotten.

Long days and pleasant nights, have a good weekend.

• • •

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