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County DA opposes closure of local court

for the madera tribune Madera County District Attorney David A. Linn says he fully supports the Eastern Madera County Bar Association’s efforts to retain full-time court services at the Bass Lake Courthouse.

“I worked very hard at the beginning of my term to facilitate a full-time court in Eastern Madera County,” Linn said.

“The court has been important to provide justice for the citizens of the county, in that two significant murder trials have been tried in the court within the past two years,” Linn said. “It is important that justice be closely connected to the community it serves. By having a local court, the county citizens can better understand the justice system and become part of the process.”

Although Linn said he would not be available for the upcoming town hall meeting concerning the court, he is sending his senior deputy district attorney, who will express his, and the department’s, position that the court should remain.

Linn also said that district attorney facilities that have been established during his term in office will continue through the end of his term in January 2019; providing investigative and attorney services at the mountain District Attorney’s Office on Highway 49.

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