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FARM Fest to be held Oct. 20

The annual Chowchilla Chamber of Commerce FARM Fest dinner celebration will be held Oct. 20 at the Chowchilla Fairgrounds.

“We try hard to make each year a unique experience for our guests,” said Stacey Wisener, the chamber’s executive director. “This year we were fortunate enough to book a signed country artist, The Dave Russell Band. This was with the help of Chowchilla’s own Steve Judd, who co-wrote some of Dave Russell’s songs. How cool is that?”

WITH THE ARRAY of organizations that host dinners in Chowchilla, it is easy to get confused what the purpose of FARM Fest is, Wisener said.

“The FARM Fest Dinner was created by the Chamber of Commerce in 2016. The reason behind the dinner is to celebrate the largest industry in Chowchilla, the Ag Industry,” Wisener said. “In the Chamber’s opinion, our farmers, dairymen, and related agribusinesses are fundamental to our local merchants and vital to Chowchilla’s economic stability, not to mention the continuous support they have given to our community, our youth activities and numerous organizations.”

SHE SAID THE EVENT was important, “to acknowledge the strength in our community and show appreciation to farmers and dairymen.”

She said the Chowchilla District Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit 501(C) 6.

“We are one entity in itself, separate from any municipals or organizations,” she said. “The Chamber of Commerce is not territory based. We have many Ag-related Chamber Members and are always looking to add more!”

FARM Fest proceeds are redistributed back into the community in many ways, Wisener said, mainly to provide scholarships for CUHS students who have demonstrated excellence in the field of agriculture, as well as business.

“Please join us at our dinner celebration as we say thank you to the Ag Industry for the important role they play for the entire community of Chowchilla. Get your tickets while you can!” Tickets may be purchased at the Chamber Website or by contacting the Chamber Office at 665-5603 for more information.

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