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Scores reveal gains

MUSD students show promise; Sherman Thomas tops

For the third year in a row, more than half of Madera Unified students have failed to meet grade level expectations on the annual tests administered by the California Department of Education.

District-wide, just 33 percent met the state benchmark for English/language arts and only 23 percent were at grade level in Math.

Sherman Thomas Stem Academy was the only exception, having out-performed every Madera Unified school. In English, 74 percent were at grade level, and 54 percent were at grade level in math.

The performance level reflected by the state’s report card, however, shows promise for the future, according to Superintendent Todd Lile.

In English, the district’s third and fourth grades saw increases of 5 percent over the previous year. The third grade team at Millview Elementary saw increases over 12 percent and Pershing Elementary’s fourth grade team saw increases over 22 percent, Lile said.

In math the district’s fourth and fifth grades saw increases of 3 percent over the previous year, and the seventh grade had a 5 percent increase.

According to Lile, “Madera Unified School District remains steadfast in its commitment to build strong futures by not only having students reach proficiency, but exceed grade level proficiency standards. Expectations of staff and students are rising sharply with our governing board’s focus on continuous improvement.”

Individual school results on the state tests were as follows: Elementary Schools — (Students at or above grade level in English and Math)

Alpha — English, 24 percent/Math, 17 percent.

Berenda — English, 38 percent/Math, 31 percent.

Chavez — English, 34 percent/Math, 28 percent.

Washington — English, 21 percent/Math, 15 percent.

Madison — English, 21 percent/Math 20 percent.

Monroe — English, 26 percent/Math, 19 percent.

John Adams — English, 35 percent/Math, 23 percent.

Pershing — English, 47 percent/Math, 36 percent.

Lincoln — English, 43 percent/Math, 38 percent.

Millview — English, 34 percent/Math, 30 percent.

Nishimoto — English, 22 percent/Math, 27 percent.

Parkwood — English, 31 percent/Math 25 percent.

Sierra Vista — English, 24 percent/Math 20 percent.

Virginia Lee Rose —English, 27 percent/Math, 27 percent. K-8 Schools (Students at or above grade level in English and Math)

Dixieland — English, 41 percent/Math 29 percent.

Easton-Arcola — English, 37 percent/Math, 34 percent.

Howard — English, 35 percent/Math, 30 percent.

La Vina — English, 38 percent/Math, 38 percent. Middle Schools (Students at or above grade level in English and Math)

Desmond — English, 29 percent/Math, 15 percent.

MLK—English, 24 percent/Math, 11 percent.

Thomas Jefferson—English, 40 percent/Math, 20 percent. High Schools (Students at or above grade level in English and Math, State tested only 11th grade)

Madera High School — English, 48 percent/Math 21 percent.

Madera South High School — English, 44 percent/Math 11 percent.

Charter Schools (Students at or above grade level in English and Math)

E.T.T.A. — English, 29 percent/Math, 25 percent.

Sherman Thomas Charter — English, 45 percent/Math 30 percent.

Sherman Thomas High School — English 58 percent/Math, 0 percent.

Sherman Thomas S.T.E.M. Academy — English, 74 percent/Math 54 percent.


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