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Voting for the true district attorney

Recently, defense attorney Steve Geringer weighed in with a letter to the Tribune on the race for district attorney here in Madera.

So what does a defense attorney have to say about the race for district attorney? Maybe we should think about who he is and where his interests might truly be.

That is not what people of Madera really feel when they are giving the clients “good deals” so swiftly.

Do the victims or their families really believe that? If you were to ask any of them that question, they would without a doubt tell you no.

If Steve Geringer is thinking that life might be easier and his pocketbook fatter if the DA’s office would plead down all their cases, that is just sad. If this is the case, no pun intended, he’s probably looking for the weaker candidate. This would only show that they, meaning the district attorney, would be more concerned with getting along with his courtroom counterparts rather than pursuing true justice for victims of the crime.

I’m not a rocket scientist, but that seems like a “gimme” to me. As for his comment, that “most” attorneys feel the same way, he only means that for most defense attorneys, the same thing applies.

A quick look around town would only find that most private defense attorneys who get paid by criminal defendants are just looking for a particular, or should I say weaker, candidate in front of their offices.

Just because private defense attorneys support a particular candidate does not make this very convincing to me, unless he’s trying to convince me to vote for Sally Moreno as the new district attorney of Madera. I want someone who is willing to fight for that true justice for the people of Madera. If so, she definitely has my vote!

— Ted Januse,


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