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Diamond celebrates golden anniversary

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Diamond Communications owners Connie and Michael Tarin, center, are joined by staff, business associates, family and friends during a 50th Anniversary celebration at San Joaquin Wine Co. on Saturday evening.


About 100 people gathered at San Joaquin Wine Company for a gala to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Diamond Communications, Inc. The multi-faceted security company was founded by Sam and Brenda Tarin in 1968.

The security-oriented company has grown in the last half-century, utilizing cutting-edge technology and keeping up with sophisticated monitoring equipment. The installation of security equipment helps local growers guard against the loss of farm machinery and other assets.

“Our very first customer was Mary and Josie Bono at the Greyhound Bus Depot,” said Sam Tarin at the gathering on Saturday, Aug. 25. “Eno Marmolejo at Eno’s Hardware was the second client and Sunny Nishimoto at the Bridge Store the third.”

When Sam retired in 1996, his brother Michael and wife Connie bought his and Brenda’s share of the company. Mike and Brenda’s son Garrett serves as Diamond Communications Inc. vice president.

In addition to installing burglar alarms and security systems on a statewide basis, the company operates a telephone answering service.

Sam and Brenda’s son Jamie operates Diamond Locksmiths as a separate business.

“Our roots are in Madera and this community means a great deal to our family,” said Michael. During the cocktail hour at the anniversary bash, Patrick Contreras, entertained with live music. Known as “Violin on Fire,” he played a variety of songs including Santana’s “Oye Como Va,” and the always-popular fiddle tune “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” by The Charlie Daniels Band on an electronc violin.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was orchestrated by Debi Bray and the Madera Chamber of Commerce. Party guests were invited to sign a large banner bearing the 50th anniversary Diamond Communications Inc. logo.

An open bar served wine, beer and sangria. Hors D’ Oeuvres and sit-down lasagna dinners were served by Madera Community Hospital Catering Department.

The evening theme song, “Shine Like a Diamond,” by Rihanna served as a tribute to the name of the business.

While putting himself through college, Sam Tarin worked cleaning floors in the evenings. A customer remarked he could make the supermarket floors shine like a diamond. When he learned that some of the stores he cleaned were being burglarized he teamed up with Valley Alarms to buy five alarm systems. He began offering the security systems to his customers and the business grew from there.

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