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Omarosa demands r-e-s-p-e-c-t

The years of the Donald Trump presidency will be studied in all aspects by higher universities and scholars forever.

This is the first of possibly many other future weird presidencies. Omarosa Manigault worked in both the Clinton and Trump White Houses. Because the fake media has created this villain image of Manigault, of which she is aware, she knows she needs strong, unquestioning documentation as to what happened to her and others in the White House.

Manigault also provides a warning to all who enter into jobs, especially if co-workers are known pathological liars, to protect yourself and gather backup information while it is available. After the event is over, the supporting evidence is gone forever, and you will become a forever helpless victim of future lies.

I urge all employees to record suspicious meetings with their supervisors, regardless of where the supervisor chooses to hold the meeting. Clearly, this employer-employee firing was inappropriate to be held in the “situation room.”

If (John) Kelly chose to turn the “situation room” into human resources, he has removed the requirement of secrecy and he cannot hold Omarosa under false imprisonment with no way to exit and prevent requested legal representation.

The White House employees accepted the non-disclosure agreements and the non-disparagement agreements (NDAs) and are getting $15,000-a-month or more. While payments may end, Trump says, his NDAs last the employee’s lifetime … which is crazy and, I believe highly unethical and unpresidential, and, I feel, illegal because they intimidate.

The U.S. does not have a SECRET, PRIVATE government. We need HONEST people who will relate their stories so we can appropriately discuss and analyze the Trump years. Historians need to know the truth and, thankfully, Omarosa has given us a tiny peek. Motivated by money, most connected with the Trump White House will keep their mouths shut for decades, if they speak at all. Clearly, Melania (Trump) and her family, (Vice President Mike) Pence and his family, and probably also (Trump’s son) Baron and have signed and are getting paid for signing NDA contracts. It’s scary that today young Americans feel everybody has to sign NDA agreements for all types of employment. Do not sign these, especially for government jobs or if you have a duty to report. It is hard to root-out corruption. Disgusting how these white males now call this black female a “dog” and “low-life.”

The only dogs and low-life are Trump, his family, and the White House staff. I haven’t heard this much racism and vitriol from white men since their KKK meeting.

Maybe future meetings in the “situation room” require the wearing of white sheets and KKK hats. If you work for Trump family and you find he is stealing, raping kids, filing false financial statements, engaged in prostitution, killing, and selling drugs, you have a duty to report, in spite of a NDA.

Trump cannot recruit and force people to become a member of his corrupt racist gang by requiring a NDA.

I want the sun to shine on Trump’s many secrets. What are Trump and Melania up to?

— Loraine Goodwin,


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