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Writer takes aim at letter on Trump

Loraine Goodwin’s headline, “President Trump in Hell, not Helsinki” does not even make sense to me. She is apparently upset because Trump met Putin in private and she does not know what they talked about. Well, she doesn’t know what Trump and Kim Jung Un talked about either but our president is talking to a lot of people and we don’t need to know every little detail but the left (Goodwin) is going crazy trying to find something to hang on President Trump.

The Mueller probe has been going for 18 months and they can’t find anything.

She comes flat out and says Melania’s parents are communists. You have to show me some proof instead of just blurting out absurd statements or are you listening to far-left broadcasts such as MSNBC or CNN.

Brennan, who was in Obama’s cabinet is a communist. Obama had a lot of shady characters in the White House. She thinks Trump lies a lot but I know that practically every time Obama’s lips moved he was lying.

Remember, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”? He knew he was lying when he said it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photographic memory to remember all the crap he said.

In actuality, Trump has already accomplished more in his 18 months than the last two or three presidents combined. That is what galls the Democrats is that Trump is being successful, even though the Democrats try to block much of what he is trying to do. The Democrats will delay and obstruct the nominee for Supreme Court justice as long as they can, hoping to get back the Senate in November.

One more thing. These kids being left at the border by their illegal parents. Trump has tried to end that and is ending it. The blame lies with these parents who apparently don’t care that much for their kids. The parents know that if they are deported and their kids remain here they will be taken care of and the parents will simply reenter the U.S. illegally, of course, later. Goodwin says Trump only has a B.S. in business. I think her degree must be in B.S. too. I see she has dropped the Dr. before her name.

— Frank Bradford,


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