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Montes holds kickoff party

DJ Becker/The Madera Tribune Steven Montes, center, speaks to a standing-room-only crowd of supporters Tuesday evening at The Tap House pub and pizzeria on North Schnoor Avenue to kick off his campaign for the City Council seat in District 3.


Running on a platform “to change the culture of Madera today, for a better Madera tomorrow,” Steve Montes, 35, said he thought it was time to throw his hat into the ring for the city council District 3 seat.

Montes, a lifelong resident of Madera, has a bachelor of arts degree in Business Management and Economics from the University of California Santa Cruz and worked for the City of Madera in the finance and code enforcement departments for ten years. He is married to Rosy and the couple has two children, a son JJ, a senior in high school and Delilah, who is entering kindergarten this fall.

Not a politician, Montes said he was very pleased at the turnout at his first campaign event and it was clear people in Madera not only wanted to be involved in their government, but wanted change, as he spoke with the 40 to 50 residents turning out for the event.

“We’ve also gotten over 7,000 likes on Facebook already,” he said. “It’s clear people want to change the culture here. Inclusion, equal economic opportunities, quality public services are key. Stop shifting costs to residents. Transparency is also important — residents want to be involved and know what is going on in their city.”

Montes said he was committed to Madera and he had the right combination of education and city experience to see it prosper.

“We need to move (Madera) the right direction. End the ‘Good ‘ol Boys Club,’ no handshake deals. We can do better, not be so top heavy. Keep our money in Madera. Invest in our front line employees but be fiscally responsible, pay fairly.” Montes said.

Alex Salazar, president of The Madera Realtors Association, is managing and assisting with the Montes campaign.

Montes invited everyone interested to follow his Facebook campaign page at Steven Montes for City Council 2018 for upcoming events and opportunities where they could participate.

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