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Reminders: Fireworks show is cancelled

The annual free fireworks show — typically held at the Madera Municipal Golf Course — has been cancelled this year due to lack of city funding for the event, lack of private donations and the projected overtime expenses required for police and other city workers.

Officials encourage residents to celebrate the July 4th safely, with only authorized “safe and sane” fireworks that do not leave the ground. Police crackdown

A zero-tolerance campaign is now in force for residents buying, selling or using illegal fireworks this year in the city. Any fireworks that leave the ground are considered illegal, and if cited by police, one could also face up to a year in jail, according to Madera police.

Illegal fireworks may be surrendered for proper disposal at the Madera Police Department with no penalties or questions asked.

Police are requesting anyone with information on the possession, sale, or the address where illegal fireworks are being used to call Madera Police Dispatch at 675-4220. Shooters may get time in jail

Firing guns into the air on the Fourth of July and or New Year’s Eve is also being targeted by increased patrols of uniformed and undercover police.

Madera Police Sgt. Mark Trukki said, “These are very serious situations and won’t be tolerated. You fire a gun into the air and you will be arrested on the spot, and booked into jail on charges of reckless discharge of a firearm. It’s no joke — those bullets come down somewhere,” he said.

Police are requesting anyone with information or the address of guns fired into the air to call Madera police dispatch at 675-4220.

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