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Writer takes issue with foe of Trump

Ms. Goodwin is beside herself with hate for President Trump and cannot stand it because he is having more success than her idol, Barack Hussein Obama.

President Trump did not give millions to North Korea as Obama did to Iran, and in case you did not know it, the purpose of the meeting was to denuclearize North Korea, which you never mentioned because you were trying to throw a lot of garbage into the mix which you cannot back up.

For doing away with his nukes, Kim Jong-Un will be rewarded but he will have to show he is sincere first. Yes, Trump may be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which I am sure will gall Ms. Goodwin to no end, but Trump has already done more than any previous president in many years.

Trump could do even more if he wasn’t met with resistance from some Democrats no matter what he does. However, he keeps moving forward, and more power to him.

— Frank Bradford,


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