Get to know the candidates, a determined voter urges

I have been extremely into this particular race this year.

I have heard all the sides from friends who know each candidate and all the skeletons (typical crap), I have spoken with Paul Hornick, personally, for a good amount of time and I asked him some pretty straightforward questions and I got some pretty decent answers. I go to church with another of the candidates and know a lot about her ethics and history. I have read in great depths about all three and so far, Paul Hornick has given me the greatest reasons for receiving my vote.

I am not telling anyone how to vote, but please don’t vote because the newspaper tells you to or because your neighbor told you to. By all means, do your homework like I did, and educate yourself. Remember what these people do in office affects us greatly. My skin crawls when I see voters with the newspaper under their arm entering the polls.

You can’t complain about them in office if you blindly voted or did not bother to vote to begin with. We have people in office right now that the ONLY TIME you hear from them is when it’s time for their term to be up.

We complain about our new crappy roads that did not even fill the potholes! Seriously, Madera! I am tired of the justification of the cheapest bid! These roads are flat nasty. But this is just a small example of what I am trying to point out.

Our Assembly person, in my opinion, has been on a free ride long enough! Mr. Bigelow needs to go home now. Our Board of Supervisors is a joke and has been pretty much bought by the special interest people i.e., the quarry. Our planning commissioner — well all I can say is thank god for Tom Hurst!

All I am trying to say is get involved! Call these candidates or go meet them and dare to ask questions that need answers. Educate yourself! I don’t care if they are Republicans, Democrats, Independents — okay, maybe not liberals! I vote for the person that gives me the right answers to my questions. Believe me, if they don’t live up to what they said they were going to do while in office, they won’t get my vote next time.

But as of right now, I honestly believe from my research, my meeting with and previous knowledge of each candidate, I have to say Paul Hornick is where I am leaning. Don’t take my word for it, but don’t play the blind vote game or ignore the election all together. This is a major, important office that affects us all. Believe me, I would have no problem calling a candidate out after they win if they don’t follow their campaign promises or platforms. If we all took responsibility for our right to vote and educate ourselves prior to the elections

I could go on and on, but it comes down to holding our elected officials to their word and responsibilities, but more so, know who you are voting for and exactly what their stance is!

Paul Hornick actually bothered to try to meet as many of the voters to tell you who he was and what he stands for, and to take the time to listen to your concerns for the office of District Attorney!

Good Luck to all the candidates, but I pretty much know where I am leaning and why. I hope all of you can say the same now, but if not, it’s time to figure it out. Take the time to read the entire ballet and all the items that are up for our consideration! Reminder to read between the lines where the loop holes are! Terminology is everything in tax increases, bond measures, and all such items that will appear on the ballets.

— Peggy Budfuloski,