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Reader sides with Moreno for vote

With all the revelations circulating around the District Attorney’s office it is time we bring in someone who can clean it up.

That someone is Sally Orme Moreno.

Sally has the most experience as a prosecutor and has worked in the DA’s office when there was civility and respect.

Currently, the DA’s office is mired in controversy and dysfunction. Now the insider, Mr. Hornick says he wants to clean it up!

I learned he has only worked in the office for 2 1/2 years, and he was charge of cleaning up the office that whole time. Is this true? If so, why didn’t he clean it up? Instead, he and the prosecutors’ association endorsed the incumbent, Mr. Linn; said Linn was doing just fine last June! Really? That’s not what the attorneys who work there said in the county report!

Hornick is from New York and has been a resident of Madera less than two years. Makes you wonder how long has he been practicing law in California?

Madera is not New York. Maybe it’s just politics or with Mr. Hornick, “the more things change the more they stay the same.”

Sally Orme Moreno is from here and will hit the ground running, I’m for Sally Orme Moreno for District Attorney.

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