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Learning to listen to future generations

We are never obsolete if we stay relevant to the future. The future of mankind is our youth. Yet we send them through an industrialized education, and drop them at the curbside.

A great many are hurting. Not just those that take naturally to the weapons and their video game training. They watch with hunger the attention we give to those gone berserk. We sit back, dare not listen to their plans and screams of pain. What are they to do? F.B.I. involvement is way too late to help. Everyone should listen, it is free.

We all need love and understanding. We need to listen to each other, even more so when its dangerous. Otherwise we are the problem, not the answer we sometimes think. Some even self-righteously drown out others in the name of free speech.

Today’s children have little understanding of the real world, to which they will soon be fed. A few years service should be required of any perspective citizen. They would accomplish real world training with a sense of regimental authority that could help in the next crisis that society finds itself in. Help them pay our debt, it will soon be theirs.

Someone to listen should be available to anyone. Every child should feel cared about, worthy of at least a listen. They are our future of this gift that was given mankind.


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