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Why people are quitting Facebook big time

People are getting off Facebook as fast as they can, according to technology writers, many of whom have long warned Facebookers that they face serious inconvenience if not financial ruin because of Facebook’s inability to keep intruders from crossing its borders.

Tech guru Shelly Palmer compares Facebook to a nation, one populated by some 2 billion captive people, the vast majority of whom have no idea how seriously their privacy has been violated in the past and likely will be violated in the future.

Although he didn’t say it outright, the nation to which Palmer refers could be a cluster of nations — like Guatamala, Colombia, Peru and other other nations that purvey drugs and create addicts.

Another writer, Curtis Silver, a Forbes technology expert, says that although millions of people are quitting Facebook just to protect their personal information from raiders, those millions don’t really want to quit, because they are addicted to being part of Facebook Nation.

“By now, you are up to speed on the current Facebook data scandal concerning Cambridge Analytica,” Silver writes. “This is a massive breach of public trust. Users are in fact, quitting Facebook. But like a junkie behind the 7-11 fighting with a raccoon over a half-eaten peach, they’ll be back. No one can stay away for long.

“While Mark Zuckerberg has publicly apologized for the data breach and claims that Facebook will take steps to make sure this never happens again, the reality is that it already happened, on a large scale.

“It may have gotten a president elected. There may be further implications that we’re not even aware of yet. The thing is, this breach of trust didn’t happen yesterday, it happened years ago. Facebook has already taken steps to protect your data further, but let’s be clear — none of that matters.”

The wisest advice is to get off social media and stay off. Sharpen your email skills so you can control who gets to communicate with you. Let privacy, not publicity, be your goal.

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