Student breaking new ground with writing

My name is Roseline Osuna and I am a 17-year-old junior at Madera South High School.

At first I was nervous about writing this article (my first article ever) because I am much more comfortable talking about the school and not about myself. However, I overcame my fear and am now happy to write this article as part of my job as the commissioner of public relations for MSHS.

I am a very involved student with various clubs on and off campus. A huge part of my high school career so far has been being involved in leadership. It has opened many doors for me in a way I never thought possible and has given me many opportunities like this one.

I am filed with joy that I get to be the one writing about MSHS and what goes on here. I thoroughly enjoy the day-to-day interactions I have on campus at MSHS and am proud of all of my fellow Stallions for making my time here the best days of my life so far.

This is only the beginning of getting to hear from me and about life here at Madera South High School, I hope you all are ready for it as much as I am.