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TEC wins Clovis team award

For The Madera Tribune TEC Gymnastics gymnasts celebrate a team championship at the Clovis Classic on Feb. 3.


Gymnasts from TEC gymnastics outflipped the competion at the Clovis Classic and placed five gymnasts at the top of the podium in the all-around competition.

In addition to the five first place all-around gymnasts, four placed second and four more placed third at the meet on Feb. 3.

“It’s so great that several of our athletes just moved to a new level and were beating or competing with seasoned veterans,” coach Coleen Spraggins said.

Sydney Potkey (Xcel Gold), Kylie Bursey (Xcel Silver), Graciella Mejia (Xcel Bronze), Chloe Stansbury (Level 6) and Mia Moreno (Level 4) earned gold medals in the all-around.

“I believe in giving our athletes every advantage I can”, coach/owner Tammi Britton said. “I have even hired some judges to come and give us pointers so we make our routines even better.”

Earning second place all-around medals were Lana Cederlof (Xcel Silver, younger), Jayden berry (Xcel Silver, middle), Lexi Fahrney (Xcel Silver, older) and Audrina Williamson (Level 6).

Lexi Trevin (Level 3), Sarah Guillen (Level 4), Alexis Capehart (Xcel Bronze) and Lillian Russell (Level 6) each placed third in the all-aroudn.

Williamson loved when the judges came to critique routines. The judges were both in the gymnastics movie, “Stick It” and one of the judges has agreed to come coach at TEC once a month.

“I love gymnastics and how our gym is like a big family,” Williamson said. “I’m really looking forward to our meet in Las Vegas (Feb. 10). The Invitational is hosted by Aly Raisman’s Olympic coach, Mihai Brestyan. He always has former Olympic Medal gymnasts there to meet us and sign our shirts and bags. Last year it was Aly Raisman and Simone Biles.”

“We would love for more gymnasts to join this amazing team and the opportunity is right around the corner,” Britton said. “If joining our Junior Olympic or Xcel team is something you are considering for your child, please look for more information coming out in April.”


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