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Inside the Game: Madera Coyotes 76, Mt. Whitney Pioneers 62

Player of the game: Colt Nelson torched the Pioneers through the air for 400 yards and five touchdowns. Nelson showcased his running ability, as well after he rushed for two touchdowns. The Coyote offense was lights out and Nelson was right in the middle of it all.

Unsung hero of the game: The Coyotes’ offensive line was dominant all night. Whether it was dropping back and protecting Colt Nelson as he scanned the defense or getting off the line and punishing the Pioneer d-line for Joseph Saldivar. Nelson and Saldivar combined for more than 500 yards of offense thanks to the impressive blocking up front.

Play of the game: After attempting and succeeding on an onside kick to open the half, the Coyotes seemed to gain confidence. They capitalized on the short field and scored a touchdown. With the momentum on their side, Madera attempted a second onside recovery and it was recovered, again, this time by Steven Sibley to set up another Madera touchdown, effectively ending the game for the Pioneers.

Drive of the game: After giving up a fumble return on the first play, it was important to get their heads back into the game. The Coyotes took a 13-play drive into the end zone behind Nelson’s pinpoint accuracy and tough running by Joseph Saldivar. Nelson passes for 30 yards on the drive before Saldivar took the handoff for a 16-yard score. The drive retook the momentum and the Coyotes rode it throughout the first quarter.


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