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Missing tire leads to DUI arrest

Courtesy of Madera Police Department

A tireless and largely rim-free front wheel on a car driven in northeast Madera this weekend. The driver allegedly was drinking a bottle of champagne on the way home.


A car driven in northwest Madera without its right front tire caught the attention of Madera police this weekend and led to the arrest of the driver for allegedly being under the influence of alcohol.

Officer Michael Powell noticed the car as it traveled Saturday night on Tozer Avenue near Millview Drive.

“The vehicle had a large amount of smoke around it and made a loud noise as it moved,” said Madera Police Det. Brent Cederquist. “When Officer Powell stopped the car he noticed the right front tire and most of the rim was missing. The driver, Juan Rocha, was drinking a bottle of champagne while he was attempting to make it home.”

Rocha, 19, was booked in Madera County jail Sunday on charges of driving under the influence and released later that day, according to Sgt. L. Morales of the local Department of Corrections.

“This is a clear example of how alcohol can affect a person’s decision-making ability,” Cederquist said.


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