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Furtado enjoys Chowchilla 4-H

Allisyn Furtado joined Chowchilla 4-H three years ago.

Allisyn has lived in the Chowchilla community for 12 years and is supported by Tammy (mother), Chris (father) Madisyn (older sister) and Rayce (younger brother), as well as many other family members in the area.

She attends seventh grade at Wilson Middle School in Chowchilla where she is an honor roll student.

This past year, she was involved in three 4-H projects and was the junior leader in foods. All of these projects have helped Allisyn grow in different ways.

This was her first year in the foods group, where they would learn to make full meals, such as enchiladas, rice and beans.

As the junior leader in this group, Allisyn helped prepare the grocery list, budget, assisted with the set up, and clean up with her group leader.

The second group she was part of was art. She learned about different types of art like watercolor, oil paint, and pen and ink. They created various pieces of art that were entered into the fair.

It was Allisyn’s third year in community pride. She attended more than 20 events and some of her favorites were tying red ribbons down main street to raise awareness about drugs, decorating a Christmas Tree for senior citizens and providing Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for families. Allisyn said though she is not in a project that has financial gain, giving back to the community is the best feeling ever.

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