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Editor's Corner: Don’t cater to Rocket Man

President Trump’s threat to North Korea during his speech this week before the United Nations upset a lot of liberals, but they would be upset even more if Kim Jong-un and his pirate regime were to use a nuclear weapon on the U.S. or its allies.

Referring to Kim as “Rocket Man,” Trump basically said North Korea would be destroyed if any of its nuclear weapons were used in act of war against our nation.

The thing the liberals should remember is that Trump is responding to threats from Kim. His job is to protect the U.S., not to make Kim happy.

Some Americans believe Kim is harmless, and that his tests of nuclear weapons are defensive in nature, but that isn’t true.

No other nation is likely to attack North Korea unless North Korea attacks first, or poises to attack — especially to attack South Korea, which is an American ally. American troops are stationed there, and are in harm’s way if Kim decides to turn his many threats to attack the South into reality.

So far, the two Koreas and the U.S. have been engaged in an exercise of feints, but that exercise is dangerously close to turning into real war if Kim continues to arm with nuclear capabilities.

So far, Kim’s gamble that the U.S. won’t respond in force to his nuclear tests has paid off.

But if something should go wrong during one of those tests and a missile should land on Japan, or South Korea, or on American territory, the U.S. would have no other choice than to destroy North Korea’s war-making capability.

The important thing is that if Kim believes Trump, he may start behaving himself, stop spending his impoverished nation’s scarce treasure on war preparations and instead try to do for his people what his predecessors have not done, which is to provide food and other basic needs.

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