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Scholarship Night set for Sept. 14

A total of 31 students from Madera Community College Center (MCCC) and Oakhurst Community College Center (OCCC) will receive a total of $24,850 in scholarships during the annual Scholarship and Awards Reception on Sept. 14.

The event will be at Madera Community College Center in AM-120, beginning at 6 p.m., with a scholarship donor and recipient social followed by the awarding ceremony.

Scholarships are funded by the generosity of individuals and organizations that establish scholarships through the State Center Community College Foundation. The funds assist students in paying for their educational expenses and are awarded on a competitive and/or special criteria basis.

This year’s recipients include graduates of Liberty High School, Madera High School, Madera South High School, Duane E. Furman High School, Madera Adult School, Mariposa High School, Yosemite High School, Chowchilla Union High School, and Chawanakee High School.


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