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Readers rejoice in former kidnappee

Courtesy of Madera County Historical Society

Twenty-five years ago, little Rachel Avila was returned to her parents after she was kidnapped. Three days after her abduction, the kidnappers left the child at a site west of Madera and telephoned her parents where they could find her. Shown here is Rachel with her mother, Adeliada Avila.


The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings.


Readers responded to mention of the kidnapping and return of then-toddler Rachel Avila 25 years ago, recounted in Bill Coate’s “Madera’s Yesteryears.”

  • “Concha Torres” wrote, “God is good.”

  • “Susan De La Rosa” wrote, “I remember when that happened.”

  • “Sarah Zamora” wrote, “She turned out to be a beautifully young, smart woman just like her mom.” She later added, “Except they didn’t spell her name right.”

  • “Rachel Gonzalez Bissett” wrote, “Wow... I never heard this story, Raquel!”

  • “Becky Valdivia” wrote, “Me too! I see her at Sam’s. She’s such as señorita! … Her face hasn’t changed.”

  • “Darlene Proctor” wrote, “She was my daughter Anita Rodriguez’ teacher for kinder(garten) at (James) Madison (Elementary School). She still looks the same.”

Price hike

Readers were dismayed by news of a planned jump in price from $10 to $80 for a National Parks Senior Pass.

  • Alerted to the Tribune article by an online friend, “Arlene Gloria Sauceda” replied, “Told ya. I need to go to next month.”

  • “Joanne Glantz” wrote, “That is just my luck. The day before my qualifying birthday! I’m going to go for the $20 four-year plan.”

  • “Gary Hall” wrote, “Have to pay for overruns for Trump’s wall.”


Readers reacted to a toxicology report claim that a man shot by Madera police had been high on methamphetamines.

  • “Sergio Mungula” wrote in Spanish, “You can’t just neglect the small town, because then they’ll use violence.”

  • “Aaron Buchanan” wrote, “His mom ‘wondered’ if lesser force could’ve been used. Sounds like he had to go.”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — “Anthem Books & Writing” wasn’t impressed with the newly redesigned and approved logo for Madera County. She wrote, “The county logo still looks outdated. Tiny little courthouse, amid a stretched out California. Oh and mountains.” (Note: The logo depicts the boundaries of Madera County, not the State of California)

  • Rant and rave — “Shae Hutch” replied to columnist Cathie Campbell’s claim that fried chicken is great “hot or cold.” She wrote, “Only way (is) hot and fresh out of grease.”

  • Rave — “Tavita Togia” noted the Tribune’s sharing a Facebook video of a tribute to U.S. Army “Buffalo Soldiers” by the National Park of American Samoa. “Thank you, The Madera Tribune, for the support!”


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