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Newest farmer’s market sits by children’s hospital

The California Fresh Farmer’s Market Association (CFFMA), which spearheaded the River Park Farmer’s Market in Fresno nearly two decades ago, has teamed up with Valley Children’s Hospital to present the county's newest farmer’s market for staff and neighboring areas.

The relatively new market, formally titled the Valley Fresh Farmer’s Market, features many of the favorites from the River Park Farmer’s Market and others they operate. The Valley Fresh Farmer’s Market will be held year-round in a shaded, grassy park-like setting just south of the main wing of the hospital every Friday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., rain, shine or heat.

The Valley Fresh Farmer’s Market, which began in October, is a California Certified Farmer’s Market, ensuring that all produce being sold are regionally grown and sold by the farmers themselves. A wide variety of organic produce is also available.

In addition to berries, stone fruits, specialty vegetables and locally grown crops, patrons can find specialty products including artisan soaps, local honey, olive oils, dried fruits and nuts, herbs, fresh-cut flowers, and more. All items are listed on, a site developed by CFFMA to allow consumers to see what’s available at the market.

The Valley Fresh Farmer’s market will also host several of the Valley’s award-winning food trucks, including TAKO BBQ, Korean-fusion creations, Mattie’s Wood-Fired Pizza and up and coming food truck stars like Sweet & Spicy - that serve homemade Thai and Filipino cuisines.


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