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$8K grant for Valley Children’s Hospital

A San Joaquin Valley nonprofit has awarded an $8,000 grant to Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation.

Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation’s funded project, the Adaptive Sports Program, provides free recreational and athletic experiences for those with disabilities and is the only program of its kind in Central California. The grant from Next Generation Philanthropy, a Central Valley Community Foundation partner, will help fund an Onit Ability Paddleboard, 10 life jackets, paddles, and an athletic wheelchair.

These purchases will increase the program’s water-related activities by 60 percent, according to the Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation.

Next Gen chairman Justin Vartanian said, “The positive momentum in our city and in our region is spreading quickly. We hope to connect, cultivate, and inspire the next generation of philanto take action in their community!”

Next Generation Philanthropy at the Central Valley Community Foundation was created by young professionals and aspiring leaders living and working in the Fresno/Clovis community.


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